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Welcome to Darksaber
are you a good pvp'er who currently does not have a consistent group to roll into war zones with, or maybe you are not happy with the one you are playing with?

recently formed, Darksaber is a guild built to prepare for rated pvp warzones. 

currently we have a very strong 4 man team that we are looking to branch out into a 8 man team. 


Must have vent
Must be willing to get pvp gear
Must be willing to focus on goal based pvp ( winning warzones by objectives)
Must be willing to spec accordingly to fit a role in pvp group fights
Must be open to constructive criticism, and not take opinions on strats/stats/spec personally when planning pvp spec groups/strats. 
Should be able to play most nights EST, and most weekends. 
Should be level 50, or a twink. Should have at least cent/some champ gear. 

We will make considerations for people who did not power level or started late if you can prove yourself a viable pvper. 

We are on the imp side, and are currently recruiting all classes, but really need a high DPS merc/powertech to fill in our goal tender position. 

If you want to win, think you have what it takes, and enjoy competitive pvp come audition for us, we are currently subbing auditions into our 4 man rotation to get a feel for how you play, a response will be prompt. 

The guild is only a few days old, so now is a good time to get in from the start. 

Guild ranks are purely cosmetic, those who pvp and pull their weight will have their say in terms of the direction the guild goes, and future warzone strats.
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